Request for Proposals

FHG has been managing the Request for Proposal (RFP) and Request for Information and Qualification (RFIQ) process for over 15 years for private and public operations.

The RFIQ/RFP process, when managed correctly provides an opportunity for venues to achieve maximum financial returns while setting the course of their foodservice operations. Through this process, a venue can Master Plan the foodservices in advance of the RFP, outline their goals and objectives and then tender the process. By going through the Master Plan phase, the RFP is written with specific goals and all bidders know those goals in advance. As a result, each bidder is offering the same or similar services as requested and the venue really only has to focus on the bidders ability to deliver customer service and the financial returns which they will achieve.

FHG has had the opportunity to redevelop the RFP process for several clients and has managed the RFIQ/RFP process for municipal and provincial/state governments, theme parks, museums and private businesses, among others.