Dynamic Guest Services

FHG has developed a dynamic guest service program specifically geared toward the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industries. In our mountain resort application for example, we focus on you and your guests from the parking lot to the top of the mountain, from the ticket window to the retail shops, from loading a chair to connecting in a lesson – we know how to define, train and deliver excellence in your service.

What you get from FHG is clear and effective assistance and delivery in the definition of service excellence for your operation. We design and co-create affordable training with you and your management team. We then implement a training program and transfer its ownership to your team so that they can deliver training as excellent as the product you will ultimately provide your guest! If you prefer, we can train your trainers in the delivery of service excellence!

In the process of delivering service excellence to you and hence to your guests, we provide:

  • Facilitation, definition and execution of your goals
  • Assessment of current service levels
  • Recommendations for enhanced service possibilities
  • Training design facilitation
  • Training trainers
  • Defining trackable/measurable service guidelines
  • Delivery of the Art & Science of Service
  • Ongoing coaching to your service providers and supervisors

The outcome of our work with you is effective because we focus on the guest impact from every perspective.