Casino Services

Casino foodservices are not a unique function within the gaming environment and should not be considered an afterthought. When originally built, most casino foodservice operations were considered an ancillary operation to the main business of gaming – and in one respect this concept was fine and the revenue generated was and is miniscule compared to the gaming side of the equation. However, given the increased competition for gaming and the desire of casinos to keep their guests within the four walls as long as possible, foodservices have become a major part of the attraction.

Foodservices should make a positive contribution in at least two manners. The first is to make money for the casino and the second it to make the guest’s stay more enjoyable. Casino foodservice can make money by employing common and typical foodservice management techniques, inventory control procedures and labour management systems that are common within the industry. Making the guest stay more enjoyable also increases both foodservice sales and gaming revenues, for the guest that stays in the building longer will have a tendency to spend more. Unfortunately many casino operators believe that providing high-end restaurant experiences for a low price is what their guest is looking for. However, our research suggests that guests at different casinos have different dining needs and are looking for different dining experiences. Matching the ‘right’ dining experience with the casino guest is the only way to increase restaurant guest averages, overall restaurant sales and maximize revenues.

We at FHG have worked with a number of casinos and a variety of resorts and know how to match the casino/resort guest to the style of foodservices they want when within your environment. This concept matching is of paramount importance when determining what concept to put where and at what price points.