Menu manager

Menu manager

MENUMANAGER© is a user-friendly software program which can assist restaurant managers reduce their food costs, increase product consistency and reduce considerable time of manual bookkeeping. While the program has several sophisticated aspects which enable the restaurateur to access and manipulate a plethora of information which will be the basis for better decision making, the restaurateur need only use one of the nine reports to immediately experience a time and cost saving.

The program allows you to develop a series of controls and standards over food cost and quality which have not been available before. The program provides you with the ability to develop:

Standardized recipes which are costed out to the penny
Standard recipes for product preparation by the cooks which should ensure quality and consistency from one cook to another
Inventory data collection forms for the weekly or monthly counting of the physical inventory
Detailed inventory reports outlining the cost of goods sold, food cost percentage, inventory turnover and value of goods on hand
Purchase audit reports detailing and recording all additions to inventory during the inventory period
A comprehensive menu analysis that indicates which items are contributing to the overall profitability of the restaurant and which items should be eliminated from the menu
A detailed breakdown of the operation’s theoretical food costs
Summary waste reports providing an overview of wasted raw ingredients by ingredient
Detailed waste reports which measure the actual versus the theoretical usage and indicates exactly what should have been used on a raw ingredient by raw ingredient basis.

MENUMANAGER provides you with the aforementioned information easily and efficiently. You do not need to be a computer expert or even be knowledgeable about the techniques used. A detailed operations manual not only explains exactly how to use the program but outlines the techniques which are required to maintain inventory and consistency levels.

See what our customers have to say about MENUMANAGER:

“Finally! A sensible, easy to use program that keeps you in contact with the food aspects of your operation.”
Franco Prevedello, Centro Wine Bar & Grill, Toronto

“MenuManager provides standardization. It helps yield quality and consistency in your food product, day to day, cook to cook… It allows you to control your food costs to the penny.”
Tony Dennis, Toronto

“We’ve run the Senator on MenuManager for three years now. What used to take me over 20 hours of painstaking manual mathematical extensions is now completed in less than two easy hours. I sure appreciate the extra time.”
Anne Hollyer, Senator Restaurant & Jazz Club, Toronto

“It’s a great concept.”
Charles Grieco, President, Ontario Hostelery Institute, Toronto

“I use it every day. MenuManager is the best piece of kitchen equipment I’ve used in years.”
Gord Purdy, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Toronto

Download FULL VERSION (dos/windows) of MENUMANAGER in zip form (approx. 640k).