Our publications section provides ongoing data related to the foodservice industry.

You will find a series of articles which have been written by our professional staff and some of our associates. These articles relate to operations management, financial management, internal control, design, franchising and law, depending on the author. We will be adding to this collection of articles over time and suggest you come back often to see what new materials are available for your use.

You will also find a series of books which we have written on restaurant management and over time we hope to expand the list to include books of associates that are relevant to the operator and student. Some of these books are available through our offices and others from the publisher directly.

We have also included an overview of our Menumanager© software here, since it is, in fact, a published program that we developed ourselves, and retain the rights to.

We do hope that our publications provide useful information for all those who read the materials; however, we suggest that implementation of any ideas or concepts only be done with the advice of experts who have intimate knowledge of the industry and your particular business.