Let’s share some data that helps YOU make better decisions

September 10, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Earlier this week, Foodservice and Hospitality Magazine and FHG International, in association with Ryerson University, launched a national survey on restaurant operations in Canada. This survey is the first of its kind in over 10-years in Canada and the results, for the first time ever, will be make available to everyone in the Canadian restaurant market on a no-cost basis.

The survey will run until the end of October and operators across the country are heavily encouraged to submit their data as accurately as possible in order to generate the needed operating data and to share results on a completely confidential basis.

The survey is simple, takes only about 10 minutes to complete provide you have your last operating year financial data at hand, and will yield great results. We also are providing prizes for participation ranging from 3 iPads to 10 $200 gift cards which can be used across Canada.

It has been my goal for years to make comparable operational data available to the industry on a no charge basis. The report that is to be generated will provide comparable analysis of the restaurant business nationally, by province, by sector and location; as well as provide key benchmark data such as sales per square foot, sales per seat and other relevant indicators.

I urge all readers to go to www.restaurantmarketsurvey.com and fill out the requested information. Results will be posted in January 2011.